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I know, I know – I took a week off and now I’m back on day 16 a week (or so) later Well its my challenge so I make the rules OK? I think sometimes its fine to change you mind about agreements, and come back to things at a later date, and the truth is I’ve been pretty much just watching the Olympics this past week so thats the real reason I’ve not blogged. Anyway, I’m past the half way mark now – the finish line is in sight 😉

The truth is I never really feel good enough to do what I do. No matter how many compliments on my work, enquiries in my inbox, or weddings I turn up to photograph I never ever feel quite good enough. I’m not talking about my ability here, or my confidence in the quality of my work – and its not about my ego, theres no false modesty on my part. What I’m talking about is the overwhelming sense of just how important a wedding day is, and that being afforded the luxury (as an outsider) of documenting it is far greater than I, or I think any other photographer will ever be.

A handful of frames from Holly & Leon’s wedding – in no particular order.